Wednesday, February 10, 2016


Greeting CARD #004


I have seen your smile.
It could lighten the path of hope for  many leagues. 
I have heard your laugh. 
It has healed the rough spots, 
softened the blow of the arrows of despair. 
I have felt your empathy. 
It permeates the air like a blanket of comfort.
I have felt your gentle touch. 
It comforts, soothes.
It tells the world that you care,
Really care.

You are tenderhearted and it shows. 
 Your dogs and cats have the gentlest caretaker
In the world. 
They want for nothing. 

There is a name for one such as you. 
That name is the most cherished possession in the world;
It describes the most coveted possession
anyone could ever hope for. 
The name is:

Sometimes the clouds seem to be ganging up on you,
making thunderous noises and
Flashing their lights. 
Sometimes your smile isn't as warm,
your eyes not quite as bright, 
Shadows of doubt and gloom loom on the horizon,
oppressive, repressive, and blue. 

I have no part nor lot in the forces
that create this scenario. 
But maybe by chance, there is something I can do
to brighten the sun, to quiet the thunder,
defuse the lightning.

Possibly I can blow away the clouds,
lessen the gloom,
put the warmth back in your smile.
If I can quicken your step,
put the zest back in your spirit,
and lift you out of the quagmire of life
I will do it. 

And I have that power. 
I have truly awesome power.
There is a name for power like that. 
It is called:

Larry M. Binion
................I could not bring my passions from a common spring........

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