Thursday, March 03, 2016



SONG #026


Big City are you waitin’
Big city are you waitin’ on me
Are you waitin’ on me?

When I left out of the city
I left it for a smaller town
Tryin to get back to the country
Just tryin to settle on down

Big City are you listenin’
Big city are you listenin’ to me
Are you listenin’ to me?

I had me a woman in the city
I loved her the best I could
She left me a cryin and a whinin’
Now I know I never should

Big city are you burnin’
Big city are you burnin’ your lights
Are you burnin’ your lights?

City's been callin’ me back there
City's been on my mind
Found a new love in the city.
City don't let me unwind

Big city don't be bringin’
Big city don't be bringin’ me down
Don't be bringin’ me down

Big City I won't go hurtin’
Big city I won't go hurtin’ no more
I won't go hurtin’ no more.

Larry Binion

.................I could not bring my passions from a common spring........

Saturday, February 27, 2016



POEM #045


A name:
etched in ebony
On a white washed wall:
That's all.

Dark decaying patterns
Of a love now gone:

Peggy Ann:
A dream in the scheme
Of life against me:

Peggy Ann:
The echo of wavering willows
Entrenched in the breeze:
To please.

Her beauty:
Touched the stars;
They twinkled, danced, and shone:
Stars gone.

Water falls:
Water goes:  Water's thrown
And I'm soaked to the bone:
Dream gone.


the wordmaster says:
❝Requested by Peggy. Story not true.❞

.................I could not bring my passions from a common spring........



(about 1970)

      We didn’t have a race problem in *****, Oklahoma. We had a crime problem.
      Bill and Jerry were friends.
      Bill had opened a restaurant on Seran Drive. He put it in the old used-to-be Dairy Queen across from the Fire Station. Someone kept breaking in. Several times they took his money. Other times, they took food from the freezer. They tore things up a little, such as turning over tables and breaking a few things.
      He was going broke. With each break-in, he was getting more frustrated. The police told Bill there was nothing they could do. There were no fingerprints and no clues. The perpetrator would have to be caught red-handed.
      He considered the police to be inept. Twice in the last ten years, the entire Wewoka Police Department was raked out due to corruption and drugs so he started his own investigation and began interrogating each customer.
      Jerry came in every day. Like most of his customers, he was tired of hearing Bill complain about his losses. He had teased him about many things over the years and he thought he’d have a little fun with Bill. After all, they’d been friends for fifteen years.
      “Man, you know I did all that,” Jerry told Bill one day. “I’m sorry man, I’ll put it back.”
      He was only kidding.
      He would have too, to make sure his friend succeeded in business. Bill, however, was in no mood to be teased. Jerry didn’t know that Bill had already been pushed to the point of no return. He would not have listened to any explanation.
      Bill watched Jerry finish his breakfast and then waited for him to leave.
      When he did, Bill reached under the counter for his double-barreled shotgun. As Jerry crossed the street toward the Fire Station, Bill quietly stepped out the door and took aim. Before Jerry got to the middle of the street, Bill had shot his friend in the back with both barrels. Jerry screamed once and fell dead.
      Jerry was only trying to help Bill. I knew the feeling all too well. I was only trying to help Debbie. We both got shot with both barrels.
      We didn’t have racial problems in Wewoka at that time. We had a crime problem. Bill, being white, was sentenced to spend the rest of his life in prison for the cold blooded murder of a black man. This was before there was a classification of “hate crime.” Apparently Jerry didn’t believe Bill when he threatened to kill the person responsible for the thefts.
      Trouble was, Bill didn’t hate Jerry; quite the opposite. Sometimes, a person is pushed so far he can’t think straight. Too many times, the color of the skin overshadows all reasoning.
      This was the beginning of our racial problems in Wewoka.


.................I could not bring my passions from a common spring........

Friday, February 26, 2016



If you’ll give me five minutes, I’ll give you back 15, with interest. Welcome to the half-lit zoo. There is a reason for the appelation.

Floo, go get those giant speakers out of the closet. NOW FLOO

Put your mind in neutral and just idle on. Don't sweat athe snmall stuff. The mighty humble flea hath spoken

I too enjoy short stories & essays. I have this one issue with my typewriter though. Every time I try to write because, it comes out "becasue". I think Becca Sue. There must have been a Becca Sue in my past somewhere. I don't remember. I'm only 2000000 years old, no commas, please. I get lost in detail.

We're all old & crazy. People like me though are a dime a dozen. Can't write worth a lick off an all day sucker.

Have fun. We do. Or, I do. I'm a curmudgeonly gent. Now if I can ever figure out what that means, I'll go back to my hobbit hole, light up a pipe and watch the rings for fun.

What have I been up to? About four feet three. Now I’m up to about five foot six. What have you been up to? Oh, really. Eight foot seven, but you grew out of it? That’s nice.

In my metamorphosis, I became a flea. welcome to the fray.

I write some poetry on the side too. Now I gotta clean it up. It's against city ordinance.
Welcome to our wisdom, lore, and insanity. We have a full menu.

Don't ever buy a Dell. They never honor their rebates either.
As for this poster, I quote myself: "OTAY"

The expression "catch as catch can" originally meant "kith as kith can". If you catch her you get a kith.


I write poetry mostly
Sometimes it looks ghostly
I can't get it to rhyme
Most of the time.

Grin a thin grin again.

Como se dice Spanish? O.K. here goes: "Spanish". There. Now you have it.

I tell my kids: "Do you need help with number one? O.K. Here goes. Then I put a one up on the chalkboard followed by a period. "Now, I have helped you with number one. O.K. Does anyone need help with number four?"

I’m sorry. I’ve still got 18 minutes left of my five minutes. I’ll have to rewind the clock. How do I give back time with interest, you ask? You catch on quick. You should run for congress. Or the Zoo. But be careful with that guy in the white coat. He could be from the Zoo. Or the White House.
................I could not bring my passions from a common spring........

The Best of flea23

The Best of flea23

About the wordmaster

"You'll never get to the bottom of him".
He's bigger than life, but then, which life are you talking about.? There's 23 of him".

"Well, Flea23 is a character. The 23rd one. wordmaster is the non de plume for me, and even that is an adjective, not a noun. Flea23 is nothing without the wordmaster. That's why sometimes he uses me and sometimes he don't. If he'd me, I'd take over. That's why he keeps me humble".

"I'm waiting for the next newcomer to come in. (Arms waving) "Over Here Annie. Over here, Lauren, Linn Ann, Alienlady.........You too, Kat".

".......the Floo is still sitting quietly in the corner where I told him to sit. He says he cant' find his microphone, and he’s bummed out about it".

"I make a good character reference. You don't have a character do you? I have a lot of character. I have several. Names are flea, flea23, Flip the flop eared flea flicker, Flick, the freckle faced flea flicker flayer, Flippety Floppety, Boo the red headed fly, Leroy the Lop Eared Lollapalooza, and others. It's a wonder I haven't been arrested fro being a split personality. But boy, the characters I could refer to the head doctor. lolololololol. Pronounced as lo lo lo lo lo lo. Hear the distinction"?

"I think you might be Amuhr i can (the LBJ pronunciation) because I can detect no Italian accent in your posts. The mentionable flea is so proud to make your severe acquaintance. I had to say mentionable becasue if it was unmentionable I wouldn't be able to say it".

"I'm the mighty humble flea23 that shows up on screen from time to time. I may get annoying (just kidding) but I never bite. I have false teeth, and it I go off in unintelligible flee isms, it's because my teeth aren't in".

"I am the resident curmudgeon, the one who admits it. I'm in denial. So come in, find a table and sit under it. Wait.........Welcome aboard. sa glad to have ye. We don't even do typo's well", but we do try to stay away from Flooisms. What's that, you say? Don't sit under him. You may find out. That's why you should want to sit under the desk instead of in it".

"HEY ANNIE, LAUREN, JALBERT, BLUERIDGE, M. J. . Come on over and meet ........oh, yeah, Terry. (I'm sorry, Terry. That happens sometimes. Floo, the Dodo bird keeps unplugging my microphone. That's when I scream in people's ear.)"

"I have lived 3 or 4 lives, each far removed from the other. I must be a martian, or a flea. That's why they call me flea23".

"I'm the 23rd flea that fell out of the tree in the middle of the deep blue sea, banged his head on his knee, so he's toothless as he can be. That's why they call me flea23".

"Welcome to the wonderful world of the weird. A good many of us are not, but I bring along my cadre of characters for a little comedy relief. It spices up the joint. My name is ***** (Bleeped out - the censors are going crazy). My handle is flea23. It's my alias so I won't stand out. The flea has two partners - the red headed fly named Bo, and a Dodo bird named Floo".

"The Dodo says Aloha. No, he's not Hi Waaiian, but that's the only word he knows in French".

The fly lands on the microphone. I brush him off. The flea is running around somewhere trying to find a soapbox. The floo staggers toward the stage. Meanwhile, the flea uses his cane to get up on his bar of soap and he says:

“Hear ye, hear ye. The court is now in session. No, wait. Oh, I remember now. We have a new member named ........What’s your name again? That's kind of like a flea23. Critique others, post, repost, and post some more. Greet the new ones. Friendly folk here. Learn a lot".

The flea starts to climb down, and slips and falls, waiting for another curmudgeon to pick him up. The floo just fell over the microphone cord.

(The flea is asked a series of questions)
“Yes, yes, yes, yes, no, yes, no, yes, yes, and yes. You job is now to figure out what I meant in response to your questions. I can't help you. I can't remember either".

"This is a good group. I trained them myself. No, wait, they trained me. The mighty flea hath spoken. You thought a "Mighty Mouse" was mighty. Well, this flea is mightier than that. Why? Because a sword is mightier than a pen. Or vicey versey. Either way. Flea23 is my nom de plume. I have a lot of fun with my Persona. Except when I get cut".

"Have fun. Post. Repost. Unpost. (Yes, you can even do that - why you would want to, I don't know), but no compost allowed".

An announcer at the far left of the building is heard on the intercom "Ladies and Gentlemen. The flea has left the building. It is now safe to come out".

..................................I could not bring my passions from a common spring..............................(So I bought a case of bottled water)
.................I could not bring my passions from a common spring........


32. - GRIN

If you grin a thin grin from your chin again
It’ll only be awhile before you
smile a mile
And I’d rather see you smile a mile awhile
Than see you
grin a thin grin again
Any day, any time.


32. - GRIN

the wordmaster says:
❝Say this three times fast. I knew I had to become the WORDMASTER because earlier than I can remember, when I would tell people about the grin real fast, it never failed to produce a smile. I made a class in 1997 take dictation because they seemed so glum. They all smiled. I made them put it in their pocket over their heart❞
................I could not bring my passions from a common spring........

Wednesday, February 10, 2016


Greeting CARD #004


I have seen your smile.
It could lighten the path of hope for  many leagues. 
I have heard your laugh. 
It has healed the rough spots, 
softened the blow of the arrows of despair. 
I have felt your empathy. 
It permeates the air like a blanket of comfort.
I have felt your gentle touch. 
It comforts, soothes.
It tells the world that you care,
Really care.

You are tenderhearted and it shows. 
 Your dogs and cats have the gentlest caretaker
In the world. 
They want for nothing. 

There is a name for one such as you. 
That name is the most cherished possession in the world;
It describes the most coveted possession
anyone could ever hope for. 
The name is:

Sometimes the clouds seem to be ganging up on you,
making thunderous noises and
Flashing their lights. 
Sometimes your smile isn't as warm,
your eyes not quite as bright, 
Shadows of doubt and gloom loom on the horizon,
oppressive, repressive, and blue. 

I have no part nor lot in the forces
that create this scenario. 
But maybe by chance, there is something I can do
to brighten the sun, to quiet the thunder,
defuse the lightning.

Possibly I can blow away the clouds,
lessen the gloom,
put the warmth back in your smile.
If I can quicken your step,
put the zest back in your spirit,
and lift you out of the quagmire of life
I will do it. 

And I have that power. 
I have truly awesome power.
There is a name for power like that. 
It is called:

Larry M. Binion
................I could not bring my passions from a common spring........