Monday, May 22, 2006



Before the days of the flea, fly Floo
And before flea flickers were on their cue
Or before flea flicker flayers raised such a stew
There lived a flop eared fella with a whole ‘nother crew.

He was a friendly fella fresh from Kalamazoo
Quite young in the face, an intimate hue
This fine fella founded the school of the shoe
At the very tender age of only two.

They called him Boogety, and it was quite true
If you wanted to know the size of his shoe
You’d have to meet young Boogety
And just look at that shoe.

But his name was Free, and he lived in a tree in a zoo
A wife had he, a pretty young flea named Roo.
But if you’re ever down to that part of town, you knew
About a rowdy crew led by a pig faced Schmoo.

He fell for Roo.and spread out his feathers and flew
Trying to impress this sweet young lady he knew.
So Horace came down from the wrong side of town in the dew
To find old Boogety and give him a taste of his shoe.

He leaped in the air and smacked with his shoe
The chin of boogety and it turned a bright blue.
But he just stood there and tried to be true
To the ways of fairness and the right thing to do.

Boogety just smiled and blocked him from view.
So there'd be no fights in Kalamazoo.
But Horace simply parried and had another clue
About how to raise the ire of this guy he knew

So Horace then stared and glared in the dew
And said, “old Boogety here’s what we'll do.
We'll stand toe to toe and before we're through
Only one will be standing in the dust and the dew”.

Horace looked at Boogety in the dust and the dew
And said “Old boy, I’ll be the first one through”.
But Boogety pulled back with a courteous adeiu.
But Horace had tricks that weren’t very true.

He took a three toed gnat named Ooby Doo
And high in the air for everyone there that he knew
When Ooby came down on his feet with a frown they knew
That a fight was on in the dew and the dawn and the Shoe.

Horace had almost forgotten about Roo
She liked old Boogety and the way he could shoo.
So while dastardly deeds were done she knew
She’d have to help Free and let Boogety Boogety Shoo.

Roo caught him in the middel of his darkening doo
While his crew were on Free assailing on cue.
He staggered on back and right away he knew
The way to beat Free was threaten the redheaded Roo.

Horace just spat and dragged the floor with his shoe
With an evil hiss, he wanted to start to get through
Friends said to Free, “Just let him be, the big Hoo”.
But Horace just laughed as he reached out his hand and struck Roo.

Free changed his name and gained his fame and a shoe
When he lit in to Horace, and all of his darkening doo.
He flicked so fast that no one knew
What happened to Horace or Free’s right shoe.

Boogety became a hero in the dust and the dew
And he soon founded the school of the shoe.
They sing his song yet in songs true and true
Of Boogety, Boogety, Boogety, Boogety, Boogety, Boogety, Boogety’s Shoe.

Larry M. Binion

I could not bring my passions from a common spring........

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