Wednesday, May 24, 2006

On Storytelling

On Storytelling

“I used to teach storytelling/writing to kids. The best way for me is to ask them four boys names, four girls names, their favorite colors, and to come up with at least four different places. It didn't matter how far fetched it was. Put it all together and you have something like this:

Little Red Riding Hood was wearing blue the day she had a date with Adrian. They met at the mall, but couldn't wait to get back to the forest because Peter Rabbitt was having a problem with his new girlfriend Laquisha. .....................

That is only one trick I used. Another was that I would start the story, and stop and ask someone in the audience “what comes next”? I would tell that tangent for awhile, and and another child what comes next? It makes for some interesting stories. It makes the story take a lot of unexpected turns. I've done it with my kids, grandkids, my nieces, and a class full.

I've had lots of practice, but am not a professionally accredited storyteller. I have found these tricks to be very helpful, and the kids really enjoy it.

I was going to join a storytellers guild once, but when I found out that they tell the same story every time, word for word, I wasn't interested. I have always done different things every single time. That way it is always fresh. And true.”

Hey flea,

Why don't you put all of your teaching ideas in a book. Give it a nice catchy main title and then sub-title it, “Teaching Children to Love Writing”, or something like that. Get someone to do a few simple illustrations. It wouldn't need to be a big, lengthy tome on the subject. Teachers might like it, home-schoolers might like it.

Hey, you could throw in some of those goofy poems of yours! :-)

Hey, you could title the book, Flea Bites / Short, Simple Ways to Teach Kids the Joy of Writing!

Okay, how 'bout, Magic and Mayhem / Teaching Kids To Write Using Their Imagination



Ok, Sounds good to me. I thnk I'll give it a thought. Now if I can just get the Floo to leave me alone. I might have to gather the crew together and discussit.

the wordmaster

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