Friday, February 26, 2016



If you’ll give me five minutes, I’ll give you back 15, with interest. Welcome to the half-lit zoo. There is a reason for the appelation.

Floo, go get those giant speakers out of the closet. NOW FLOO

Put your mind in neutral and just idle on. Don't sweat athe snmall stuff. The mighty humble flea hath spoken

I too enjoy short stories & essays. I have this one issue with my typewriter though. Every time I try to write because, it comes out "becasue". I think Becca Sue. There must have been a Becca Sue in my past somewhere. I don't remember. I'm only 2000000 years old, no commas, please. I get lost in detail.

We're all old & crazy. People like me though are a dime a dozen. Can't write worth a lick off an all day sucker.

Have fun. We do. Or, I do. I'm a curmudgeonly gent. Now if I can ever figure out what that means, I'll go back to my hobbit hole, light up a pipe and watch the rings for fun.

What have I been up to? About four feet three. Now I’m up to about five foot six. What have you been up to? Oh, really. Eight foot seven, but you grew out of it? That’s nice.

In my metamorphosis, I became a flea. welcome to the fray.

I write some poetry on the side too. Now I gotta clean it up. It's against city ordinance.
Welcome to our wisdom, lore, and insanity. We have a full menu.

Don't ever buy a Dell. They never honor their rebates either.
As for this poster, I quote myself: "OTAY"

The expression "catch as catch can" originally meant "kith as kith can". If you catch her you get a kith.


I write poetry mostly
Sometimes it looks ghostly
I can't get it to rhyme
Most of the time.

Grin a thin grin again.

Como se dice Spanish? O.K. here goes: "Spanish". There. Now you have it.

I tell my kids: "Do you need help with number one? O.K. Here goes. Then I put a one up on the chalkboard followed by a period. "Now, I have helped you with number one. O.K. Does anyone need help with number four?"

I’m sorry. I’ve still got 18 minutes left of my five minutes. I’ll have to rewind the clock. How do I give back time with interest, you ask? You catch on quick. You should run for congress. Or the Zoo. But be careful with that guy in the white coat. He could be from the Zoo. Or the White House.
................I could not bring my passions from a common spring........

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