Friday, February 26, 2016

The Best of flea23

The Best of flea23

About the wordmaster

"You'll never get to the bottom of him".
He's bigger than life, but then, which life are you talking about.? There's 23 of him".

"Well, Flea23 is a character. The 23rd one. wordmaster is the non de plume for me, and even that is an adjective, not a noun. Flea23 is nothing without the wordmaster. That's why sometimes he uses me and sometimes he don't. If he'd me, I'd take over. That's why he keeps me humble".

"I'm waiting for the next newcomer to come in. (Arms waving) "Over Here Annie. Over here, Lauren, Linn Ann, Alienlady.........You too, Kat".

".......the Floo is still sitting quietly in the corner where I told him to sit. He says he cant' find his microphone, and he’s bummed out about it".

"I make a good character reference. You don't have a character do you? I have a lot of character. I have several. Names are flea, flea23, Flip the flop eared flea flicker, Flick, the freckle faced flea flicker flayer, Flippety Floppety, Boo the red headed fly, Leroy the Lop Eared Lollapalooza, and others. It's a wonder I haven't been arrested fro being a split personality. But boy, the characters I could refer to the head doctor. lolololololol. Pronounced as lo lo lo lo lo lo. Hear the distinction"?

"I think you might be Amuhr i can (the LBJ pronunciation) because I can detect no Italian accent in your posts. The mentionable flea is so proud to make your severe acquaintance. I had to say mentionable becasue if it was unmentionable I wouldn't be able to say it".

"I'm the mighty humble flea23 that shows up on screen from time to time. I may get annoying (just kidding) but I never bite. I have false teeth, and it I go off in unintelligible flee isms, it's because my teeth aren't in".

"I am the resident curmudgeon, the one who admits it. I'm in denial. So come in, find a table and sit under it. Wait.........Welcome aboard. sa glad to have ye. We don't even do typo's well", but we do try to stay away from Flooisms. What's that, you say? Don't sit under him. You may find out. That's why you should want to sit under the desk instead of in it".

"HEY ANNIE, LAUREN, JALBERT, BLUERIDGE, M. J. . Come on over and meet ........oh, yeah, Terry. (I'm sorry, Terry. That happens sometimes. Floo, the Dodo bird keeps unplugging my microphone. That's when I scream in people's ear.)"

"I have lived 3 or 4 lives, each far removed from the other. I must be a martian, or a flea. That's why they call me flea23".

"I'm the 23rd flea that fell out of the tree in the middle of the deep blue sea, banged his head on his knee, so he's toothless as he can be. That's why they call me flea23".

"Welcome to the wonderful world of the weird. A good many of us are not, but I bring along my cadre of characters for a little comedy relief. It spices up the joint. My name is ***** (Bleeped out - the censors are going crazy). My handle is flea23. It's my alias so I won't stand out. The flea has two partners - the red headed fly named Bo, and a Dodo bird named Floo".

"The Dodo says Aloha. No, he's not Hi Waaiian, but that's the only word he knows in French".

The fly lands on the microphone. I brush him off. The flea is running around somewhere trying to find a soapbox. The floo staggers toward the stage. Meanwhile, the flea uses his cane to get up on his bar of soap and he says:

“Hear ye, hear ye. The court is now in session. No, wait. Oh, I remember now. We have a new member named ........What’s your name again? That's kind of like a flea23. Critique others, post, repost, and post some more. Greet the new ones. Friendly folk here. Learn a lot".

The flea starts to climb down, and slips and falls, waiting for another curmudgeon to pick him up. The floo just fell over the microphone cord.

(The flea is asked a series of questions)
“Yes, yes, yes, yes, no, yes, no, yes, yes, and yes. You job is now to figure out what I meant in response to your questions. I can't help you. I can't remember either".

"This is a good group. I trained them myself. No, wait, they trained me. The mighty flea hath spoken. You thought a "Mighty Mouse" was mighty. Well, this flea is mightier than that. Why? Because a sword is mightier than a pen. Or vicey versey. Either way. Flea23 is my nom de plume. I have a lot of fun with my Persona. Except when I get cut".

"Have fun. Post. Repost. Unpost. (Yes, you can even do that - why you would want to, I don't know), but no compost allowed".

An announcer at the far left of the building is heard on the intercom "Ladies and Gentlemen. The flea has left the building. It is now safe to come out".

..................................I could not bring my passions from a common spring..............................(So I bought a case of bottled water)
.................I could not bring my passions from a common spring........

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