Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Letters to the flea



Ode to the flea with his leaping wit
who brings comfort to others who are small.
His bounding itch transcends the miles,
bringing laughter to both short and tall.
He is a friend, who will leap to the fray,
and offer his kind assist.
He gets under your skin,
but ya know ya can't win.
He's a caper one cannot resist.......

M. J.

Gosh, M. J.

I've never had a caricature drawn of me before. Now, I have a word tribute. Wow! Now, I'm immortal. I seem to have this water in my eye I can't seem to get rid of. (the flea is getitng so fat & ugly [a cliche' - he's not so fat, but he sho is uggaly, or is it he's not so uggaly, but he sho is fat. That won't work either. He's both] Anyway, he's getting so fat & uggly [heavy on the ugg] he .......dagnab it, he keeps complaining of allergies. Allergy season is over. He keeps reaching for the handkerchief. )In his best Jimmy Stewart voice the flea tries again "M., M., M., M., M., M.,M., M., J. I don't know what to say I, I, I, I, I, I, I, Well, I'll beee. See that moon up there. I'll bring it down for ya." [sorry, too much in character]

If you think that's funny, I can do a James Cagney too. Listen while I screw up my face and bend my elbows: "You dirty rat." There. Sounded just like him didn't it?

Now Group W. is where they send you after having committed you special crime. I went over there, sat down. There were mother rapers, father rapers, and the meanest father raper of em all sittin on the bench by the side of me. We were having a good time talking about mother rapin, father stabbin, and he said "what're you in for kid." I said "littering" Then they all moved away from me over on the bench there. Then he happened to look at me, noticed I was a flea. Then they all went screaming outside. They had a prison riot, right there in the psyhiatirists office. ((Adapted from Alice's Restaurant - circa 1969))

P. S. This Poetical poem will go into a section called "Footlights and Highlights of My Life" except that I don't have a section dedicated to the flea yet.


Remember that old saying: "God in His wisdom made the fly and then forgot to tell us why"? Likewise, God in His wisdom made the Flea Whose witty bites cheer you and me. Liked your Ode, M.J.! Bet it's the first of its kind in history.


Dear flea


We think your an (angel)
You couldn't be a (devil)
You're too good to be a (pirate)
But you might be an (alien)
Please tell us your not (mad)
And we hope you're not (sad)
So please get behind the (8 ball)
and quit (banging your head)
We'll heave a big (sigh)
When we see your big (smile)
We'll give you a (bow)
And great big (welcome)
Hurry back, Flea!


Dear flea


Oh Flea, Oh Flea
Where can he be
Why won't he talk to me?

Oh wait! I thought I saw a Flea!
Na, it couldn't be
Oh, how I miss thee

Please come home
I'm all alone
I can't call ya on the phone

I'm missin yer e-mail
My good buddy ole pal
I thought I was yer gal

I know you've been lurkingand not off working
probably sitting back smurking

I'll sit here and wait for you
Feeling so blue
You'll talk to me when you want to

I hope nothings wrong
I'll sing ya a song
Hope yur not gone too long!

Come back soon
With your signature tune
Until then, have a good afternoon!


Come out, come out where ever you are!
I know you're out there!!



I’ve often found to my fate,
Forum posting when it’s late,
Can give rise to typos big and small,
I do not notice them at all.
And post away do I till when,
A little voice dose mention them,
My face turns red and I grow hot,
For posting here such utter rot.
But to you all I offer this,
And please don’t think I am amiss,
That I should often parody,
All those that reply to me.
With flea I start for he the best,
I will in time get round the rest,
He uses words creatively,
And never ever bites you see.
And jade_4991 (Rhyming this will be fun.)
Writes from the hart with no pretence,
And will reply without offence.
While AnnieOakLeaf knows her stuff,
And will not stand for any guff,
The rules she will remind to you,
If naughty things you’re out to do.
So_dark_in_here has much to say,
With atmosphere she likes to play,
And weaves a spell of intriguing dread,
In the poems I have read.
I end this now with much regret,
But please to all do not forget,
Although I have not mentioned you,
All works in here are good and true.

June 2, 2004

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